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Are you looking for support for the development of sustainable supply chains?

Famboléna is a consultancy company. It supports the development of agricultural sustainable and responsible supply chains. Our activities cover the entire value chain, from supporting producers, purchasing, transporting and conditioning their products as well as implementing CSR policies.

We operate more particularly in Africa and Southeast Asia but this does not exclude actions in other regions of the world.

Consultancy and advice committed for sustainable and responsible agricultural chains:

Famboléna advises and supports you in developing supply chains in tropical agricultural products. Production chains that are both efficient and responsible.
Our action respects four main principles to strengthen your Social and Environmental Responsibility approach while preserving the economic viability of your supply:


  • Supply chains backed by operators guaranteeing access to a growing market;

  • Collaboration with smallholders and family farms;

  • A value chain offering a fair remuneration for all stakeholders;

  • Value chains that respect the ecological and social environment.

filière agricole-séchage cacao-coopérative-Côte d'Ivoire
filières agricoles-Marché vallon-Abidjan
filières aricoles-marché au bétail-Fada Ngourma-Burkina Faso

We are attentive to your needs to improve your supply chains:

We mainly address companies that trade agricultural raw materials or use in their production processes. We know that they often face various problems:


  • You may want to differentiate your products by highlighting a particular origin. You then need to identify the right partners able to provide you with the volumes that meet your needs;

  • You may need to strengthen operational practices throughout the production chain so that the quality of the products received meets your standards;

  • You want to satisfy the the demand of your customers and highlight practices that respect the planet, treat producers fairly and allow them to improve their live.

Thanks to our long experience of agriculture in Africa and Asia , we are able to advise you in order to define the most suitable strategy and programs.

We are strengthening your presence in the field to improve your supply chains:

Our approach is very operational and we support you on the field. We will be delighted to act very closely to your local partners in order to:

  • Identify, organize, train and support networks of producers and suppliers;

  • Set up the logistics to collect and condition the products;

  • Assess and improve subcontractors' practices;

  • Define and implement traceability and quality control procedures;

  • Define and implement programs to improve the living conditions of producers and the preservation of the environment.

Thus, Famboléna strengthens your presence very close to your partners on the field and represents an alternative to the recruitment of dedicated human resources within the company.

filières agricoles-séchage café au laos
filières agricoles -usine egrenage coton à Diapaga-Burkina Faso
filières agricoles-réception fèves cacao à San Pedro-Côte d'Ivoire

We propose a 4-point approach to develop your supply chains:

Famboléna offers a four-point approach:

  •  An upstream reflection with your teams to define the best strategy to improve the company's supply chains or to take into account its Social & Environmental Responsibilities.

  • An evaluation on the field in collaboration with the various actors of the sector to assess the potential and agricultural practices, the procedures in place along the production chain, the capacities and the skills of partners as well as logistical and administrative constraints. The objective is to analyze the gap between the starting situation and your vision. At the same time, we explain this vision and policy  to share it with your local partners.


  • The writing, in collaboration with your teams, of an action plan which can cover crops productivity, strengthening of the producers organizations’ capacities, organization of the logistic to purchase, transport and condition the products, implementation of traceability, quality control procedures and support to rural communities...


  • The support for the implementation of this action plan. Our intervention can includes the search for technical and financial partners, regular missions to support operators on the field, support to certifications processes and carry out of evaluations and studies of impact.


We could also gather information and write reports to feed the company's communication.

We carry out your studies on agrifood chains:

Famboléna carries out assignments on behalf of professional organizations, international funding or cooperation organizations. In such context, we can mobilize additional skills by joining forces with partners. Famboléna and its partners can carry out:


  • Feasibility studies to analyze the potential of an agricultural sector and the drafting of recommendations and master plan;

  • Definition of programs and action plans for the development of agricultural chains;

  • Base-line studies and ex-post evaluations of projects and assessment of the programs' impact;

  • Technical due diligence missions, more particularly oriented towards agricultural sectors in connection with networks of family farms.

TSA factory 17-sorting-08-22.jpg
Filière agricole-marché coton-Burkina Faso
filière agricole-Chaine de battage du tabac-Mahajanga-Madagascar

We help you source agricultural raws:

Thanks to its network in Africa and South East Asia, Fambolena can help you find suppliers of agricultural raw materials. We have put European companies in touch with suppliers of sesame, non-GMO soybeans, cottonseed or paradise pepper

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