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Our expertise in agricultural industries by country in Africa and Asia

Famboléna gained a great knowledge of Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia through many years of collaboration with smallholders, local and governmental authorities, international organizations and numerous operators. Its activity has developed in many French-speaking, English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries such as:

  • West Africa: Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Burkina Faso, Senegal;

  • Central Africa: Chad, Central African Republic;

  • Madagascar ;

  • South East Asia: Laos, Vietnam.

carte expérience par pays 4.jpg

Ivory Coast

Production of sustainable cocoa in Ivory Coast

2013 to 2016. On behalf of the CEMOI group




Feasibility study of the opportunity of direct export for cooperative

2021. On behalf of TDC/ENABEL

In partnership with AKA Zebra, JMK and Betsaleel International Partners,

  • Interviews with the Café Cacao Council, with cooperatives with players in the cocoa sector in Côte d'Ivoire and with traders and chocolatiers in Europe;;

  • Descriptive study of the regulations and the export process;

  • Drafting of a practical "go-No go" guide for cooperatives;

  • Export margin analysis.

carte Tchad.jpg


1992 to 1994. On behalf of the National Office for Rural Development (ONDR)


  • Head of Agronomic Services of the Sudanese zone of ONDR which covers the whole of southern Chad from Léré on the border with Cameroon in the west to Kyabé on the border with Sudan in the east;




  • Training of farmers and members of village associations;


  • Farmers' supply with seeds, inputs and agricultural materials.

Cotton sector & food crops. Support to productors


Centrafrican Republic

2018. On behalf GEOCOTON et the MADR of the Centrafrican Republic

  • Drafting of the 3-year Development Plan for the Projet de Relance de la Production Cotonnière dans le Centre;

Relaunching the cotton sector around Diffa


Tobacco production

2002 to 2007. On behalf of the Imperial Tobacco group


  • Operational management of SOCTAM : a subsidiary in charge of the production of tobacco and of SITAM in charge of its processing;


  • Management of 10 industrial tobacco farms growing Flue Cured Virginie, dark and Burley tobacco;



  • Installation and management of the new tobacco threshing unit. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 19001 certification

Medicinal plants extracts

2022. On behalf of the LDN fund

  • Completion of a technical due diligence mission on the development of the network of Artemisia Annua producers for the supply of an Artemisinin extraction unit in Fianarantsoa; ;

  • Completion of a technical due diligence mission on the development of Cinchona cultivation in the Fianarantsoa region to supply a quinine extraction unit in Fianarantsoa

Carte Laos.jpg


Tobacco production

2007 to 2013. On behalf of the Imperial Tobacco group


  • Animation of the smallholders network and management of Burley and Flue Cured Virginia tobacco production ;


  • Organization of technical support to producers and their supply;


  • Modernization and operational management of the tobacco hand-processing line. ISO 14001 certification;


  • Managing the utilization of tobacco stocks (blending and exports)

  • Implementation of the Social Responsibility in Tobacco program.


Guinea Bissau

Revival of the cotton sector

carte guinee.jpg


Organizing a cotton sector & management of a rural development project

1995 to 1997. On behalf of the French Company for the Development of Textile Fibers (CFDT)



  • Organization of technical support to farmers and their  supply in seeds, inputs & equipment;


  • Organization of cotton purchases and transportation to ginnery;


  • Management of the Bafata ginning plant;


  • Execution of sales contracts for fiber and cotton seeds.

1987 to 1992. On behalf of the French Company for the Development of Textile Fibers (CFDT) and AFD



  • Creation of project infrastructures. Recruitment and training of teams;


  • Organization of technical support to cotton producers, purchase of seed cotton and its ginning;


  • Support to food crops;


  • Support to the creation and development of village organizations.

Development of export capacities of Coffee SME

Since 2021. Ongoing program. On behalf of CBI in collaboration with Aka Zebra SAS

  • December 2021: Initial audit of 10 SMEs including producer organizations and commercial companies trading Robusta coffee (Guinée Forestière) and Arabica coffee (Foutah Djallon);

  • June 2022: organization of a training workshop in Conakry on coffee quality in collaboration with the Cupping Club.


Burkina Faso

Cotton sector

2013. On behalf of SOCOMA & GEOCOTON




Dairy production

1983 to 1987. On behalf of CIDR


  • Management of the Dairy Production Development Project around the city of Kayes. Fundraising and relations with donors;


  • Organization of technical support and supply for a group of sedentary breeders


  • Management of the logistic for milk collection and transport to Kayes. Creation of a mini dairy and organization of the sale of the milk in Kayes;


  • Trial of cheese production with Peulh breeders.

Macadamia nuts production

2022. On behalf of the LDN fund

  • Realization of a technical due diligence mission on the 5-year development plan of a company exporting EOS/NOP and WFTO certified macadamia nuts.  Our work focused on the production potential of macadamia nuts, the analysis of the collection from small producers, the adequacy between the processing tool and the objectives of the development plan and the reliability of the traceability.




Cotton value chain analysis

2022. On behalf of AATIF

  • Fambolena collaborated with Nitidae in the cotton value chain analysis in Benin in the framework of an investment project. More specifically, Fambolena provided assistance in mapping the actors of the sector, analysing the performance and organisation of the value chain and assessing the environmental and social risks affecting the sector.

    As the mission was unable to meet with the main actors in the cotton sector, this analysis was based on a literature review and information obtained from Nitidae and Fambolena network.




carte indonésie.jpg

Design schemas cacao agroforestiers

2023. On behalf of Barry Callebaut

  • In collaboration with Eco Act. Design of agroforestry cocoa systems

  • After a literature review and 3 weeks of surveys with cocoa farmers and field technicians on Sumatra and Sulawesi, islands, proposal of 5 complex agroforestry schemes adapted to the situations encountered, proposals for implementation and draft of a 5-year budget.


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