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Famboléna supports you for the development of your sustainable supply chains

We help you develop production chains in Africa and Southeast Asia to secure your sustainable supply of agricultural products.

We can support you throughout your journey towards reliable and responsible sourcing. We propose a four-point approach: from the development of the best-suited strategy for to your needs, the completion of the initial diagnosis, the drafting of the business plan to the supervision of the implementation of the actions on the ground.

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Development of the strategy and validation with stakeholders in the field:

At Famboléna, we know how to adapt to your needs. Whether you are aiming for a responsible sourcing to communicate on your commitments in terms of preserving the environment or improving the living conditions of your partners in the field. Whether you are looking to increase the production of your supply chains, to control costs, strengthen traceability of the products or their compliance with your quality standards. We will begin by listening to you to understand your needs and expectations.

Based on our knowledge of the rural environment, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia, our experience in tropical agricultural sectors, rural development actions, certifications and programs of social and environmental responsibility, we will build together the foundations of a strategy specially tailored to meet your needs.

Then we will go out into the field to do a diagnosis of the initial situation and assess the feasibility of the strategy. We will meet with all stakeholders in the value chain: producers, cooperatives and producer organisations, intermediaries, processors, ... to assess their understanding of your project, their expectations and the potential for progress.

Draft of action plans for the development of your supply chains:

Based on the field diagnosis, our observations and the comments of the actors we met, we help you writing the business plan:

  • define the objectives;

  • build the technical and commercial package to offer to your partners in order to obtain their active involvement in the achievement of the objectives;

  • develop the action plan and budget needed;

  • seek technical and financial partners to implement the program;

  • define performance indicators, monitoring tables and reporting media.

Implementation of your supply chain development plan:

Finally Famboléna will provide a support for the implementation of the validated action plan. We will accompany the development of your supply chains and will regularly go on the field to :

  • assess the progress achieved and monitor the use of your funds;

  • meet with stakeholders, note their comments and suggestions for improvement;

  • collect data for your communication and draft possible changes to the initial business plan;
  • provide technical support on a particular theme;

  • conduct impact studies and measure the results obtained.
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