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Summary of our main interventions around agricultural chains and rural development

The heart of Famboléna's expertise is the organization of agricultural chains: identification and evaluation of the various actors, technical support for producers, logistics to buy and transport the products, their conditioning and processing.

Famboléna's achievements mainly concern the cocoa, cotton, tobacco and food crops industries, but we can also intervene in all tropical productions.


Filière Cacao-cabosse à  maturité-Côte d'Ivoire

  • Analysis of the terms and conditions to be met by an Ivorian cooperative to develop export activities. Writing a practical guide.

  • In collaboration with Ecoact, on behalf of Barry Callebault. Design of cocoa agroforestry systems for Indonesia

Filièeres agricoles-capsule coton-Burkina Faso.jpg


  • Organization of technical support to cotton producers in Chad and transfer to their organizations of the operations for primary purchases;

  • Drafting of the 3-year program for the Cotton Project in the Central African Republic;

  • Drafting of TOR for a feasibility study for reviving the cotton industry in Angola.

  • In collaboration with Nitidae, analysis of the cotton value chain in Benin

Tobacco industry

Filière tabac-enfilage feuille Virginie-Laosg.jpg
  • Development of the production of Burley tobacco, Flue Cured Virginia and Dark tobacco with smallholders and industrial farms;

  • Installation and management of a threshing and redrying unit in Madagascar;

  • Management of processing (grading, threshing and redrying) and conditioning in Laos;

  • ISO 14001 & OHSAS 19001 certifications for these two units.

Developpement rural-récolte fonio Gaoual-Guinee.jpg

Rural development

  • Feasibility studies for a rural development project for AFD in Guinea;

Medicinal plants

plant Artemisia Annua-Madagascar
  • On behalf of an impact investment fund, completion of a due-diligence study on the extension of the network of Artemisia Annua producers supplying a Malagasy Artemisinin extraction unit


  • On behalf of an impact investment fund, completion of a due-diligence study on the development of Cinchona cultivation in Madagascar to supply a quinine extraction unit


Séchage café robusta IGP Ziama Guinée
  • As part of the CBI program, Café Guinée we carry out the initial audit of companies and producer organizations in collaboration with the firm Aka Zebra;

  • As part of the CBI program, Café Guinée we organized a training seminar on coffee quality in collaboration with the Cupping Club

Dairy production

Organisation filière-vendeur de lait-Kayes-Mali.jpg


  • Establishment of a mini-dairy unit and a distribution network in the town of Kayes;


  • Organization of technical support and supply for dairy farmers.

Dry nuts

  • On behalf of an impact investment fund, conducted a due-diligence study on the 5-year development plan of a company processing macadamia nuts collected from small producers


Jazen 024- JazenCo-emballage mangues-fev 2024.jpg

2024. Subcontracted for Apexagri. On behalf of the French Agency for Al Ula (AFALULA) and the Royal Commission for Al Ula (RCU),

  • Participation in the in-situ diagnosis of the initial situation of mango production and marketing in the oasis.

  • Participation in defining the development scenario for the sector taking into account the preservation of water resources.

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