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Burkina Faso: Support to the organization of SOCOMA's cotton campaign

Intervention of 3 months on behalf of GEOCOTON. Secondment to SOCOMA in 2013 as Director of Operations to support the organization and launch of the 2013-14 cotton purchasing campaign.


Reflection with the Director of Cotton Production and his teams on:


  • The targets of cotton production by ginning plant;

  • The optimization of farmers' income and work;

  • The logistics of the crop: dispatch of inputs, organization of cotton purchases;

  • The improvement of the cotton quality: seeds' quality, contamination of cotton by plastics, sorting of raw cotton by grade;

  • The diversification of the activities of SOCOMA (soybeans);

  • The organization of the technical support to producers;

  • The organizational chart of the Direction of the Cotton Production.


Reflection with the Industrial Director and factory managers on:


  • The optimization of the production tool in terms of capacity, yields and quality of the fiber produced;

  • The organization of the equipment  maintenance and the safety audit of the factories;

  • The logistics of the ginning campaign (maintenance of factories, supply of consumables and spare parts, classification of the fiber, storage and evacuation of bales;

  • The organizational chart of the Direction of Industry.

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