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Studies on agricultural production chains
and expert missions on the field.

You have to carry out a study on an agricultural chain, more particularly in Africa or South East Asia? You need to evaluate the efficiency of your supply chain, assess the potential for progress, the feasibility of a project or assess a partner?

Famboléna offers you its experience and network to constitute the team bringing together all the necessary expertise. We will go to the field to meet your local partners, interview the producers, rural communities, administrative and political authorities to gather information, analyze the situation and make proposals for actions.

We do not implement a rigid method. We prefer a more pragmatic and flexible approach. We base our analysis on meeting and listening, without preconceptions, to all of the actors and on observing the environment in which they live and work.

Studies on agricultural chains:

These studies are mainly ordered by international organizations such as the AfDB, AFD, the World Bank, IDH, ICCO, ..... Famboléna regularly answers to Calls for Expressions of Interest and Calls for Tenders launched by these organizations. Most often in association with other French, European, African consultancy offices.

As examples, the themes of the last studies on which we intervened or submitted an offer related to:


  • The drafting of the cotton crop revival plan;

  • Processing and local marketing of cocoa products;

  • Cocoa traceability;
  • Harmonization of practices relating to the bankability of cocoa producers and cooperatives;

  • Analysis of the cocoa sector in forest concessions;
  • Improving the production and development of tea;

  • Ex post evaluation of a project with a component on the food supply chains;

  • Integration of agroforestry into cotton technical itineraries, ....

Expertise missions on agricultural chains in Africa and South East Asia:

More often carried out on behalf of companies or development projects, the purpose of such missions can cover :

  • The drafting of the terms of reference;

  • Carrying out feasibility, baseline or impact studies;

  • The writing of quality / traceability procedures;

  • The drafting of business plan;

  • The evaluation and proposals of practices improvements such as traceability, quality controls, logistics for the purchase and gathering of products, post-harvest operations.....

Famboléna is able to mobilize partners and consultants to complete its area of ​​expertise for such studies.

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